Singles - "About Marriage" Survey
I'm gathering data that will be used in my brand new relationship book! Your input is so valuable!!!! Your answers will be TOTALLY ANONYMOUS (even to me) but will really help me as I tackle these hard subjects that aren't often discussed. I can't thank you enough!!

Debra Fileta, M.A., LPC Website: (

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How many arguments do you think the average married couple has per month?
How have you observed married couples deal with conflict?
How much time do you think married couples spend in positive meaningful conversation?
Which of the following (if any) do you think the AVERAGE married couple deal with the most regarding their sex life?
Which one of the following topics is the hardest to deal with in marriage?
What percentage of married couples will eventually feel a lack of physical attraction to their spouse?
How frequently does the average married couple have sex?
Which topic do you think the average married couple discusses the least?
Do most married couples spend their free time together or apart?
Which of the following do you think will be YOUR greatest insecurity in a future marriage?
What would you say is the greatest hardship you will one day face in your future marriage?
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