Professional Development Needs Assessment
Respectful Ways custom-designs Professional Development SEL trainings based on your specific P.D. needs. From understanding trauma to handling conflict resolution, we offer made-to-order workshops including expert interviews and smart breakout sessions that give you real-world behavioral solutions. Please fill out this short questionnaire so we can build your personalized P.D. platform.
1=No Problem and 10=Top Priority Issue. Add any additional information in the Comments section.
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On a scale from 1 to 10, are you satisfied with how your counselors or teachers are dealing with rude behavior, inappropriate language and/or disruptions in class? *
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Top Priority Issue
On a scale from 1 to 10, do you feel your counselors or teachers are handling classroom management satisfactorily. *
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On a scale from 1 to 10, do you feel your counselors or teachers understand how to handle trauma-affected children? *
Yes, they've been trained
No, our staff needs training on trauma sensitivity
If you marked 5 or above, please let us know what you'd like covered. For example, trauma brain development, appropriate language to use, triggers to watch for, etc.
Do your counselors or educators show signs of exhaustion or fatigue? *
If you've checked Yes or Sometimes, it is at certain times of the day or school year? Please explain your answer.
Would you like cyber-bullying information or anti-bully training for your educators?
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Do your counselors or teachers need training on LGBTQ and non-binary gender matters?
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Respectful Ways P.D. workshops include live-to-tape interviews with experts in education. If there is a specific author, educator, or specialist you'd like to hear from, please let us know who, along with any questions you may have.
Are there any other SEL issues your school or district needs addressed?
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