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Workshop/Event Locations

Brighid's Crossing
Located on the main road, across from Guardian Station. 15ft x 30ft covered space with electricity and a sacred fire ring. The altar to Brighid is located next to this space. Space is easily accessible, but not private. No seating, BYO chair. Community-focused, creative energy.

CMAONE is a circus style big top tent, approximately 40' x 60'. It is located at the west end of Vender's Row in Phoenix Meadow. It can have electricity. No fire. There are usually some tables and chairs, however it is always recommend that you bring what you need. This is an ideal location for large workshops, gatherings, concerts, and the Great Works meeting. However, it is not recommended for adult or private events because it is very open and centrally located. On a historical note, CMAONE stands for Crazy Merlins Accoutrements & Occult Necessities Extraordinaire.

Council Oak
Near Mathew's Healing Station and the Guardian Station, this fenced area has no electricity or fire ring. Limited seating, but no shade.

Dragon's Nest
Across from the rune stone marking Grandmother's Grove lies the entrance to the Dragon's Nest. This small space exists for the contemplation of and communion with primal, animating powers of the land, and the entities known as Dragons. In the first clearing there is a small fire pit and medium sized altar. There is also a path to a second clearing with a more secluded altar. Fairly private space with lots of tree cover. Please do not disturb any items on the altar. The hollow tree stump is used for offerings, and not seating. BYO Chair.

Faerie Mound
Located off the main road, across from CMA One. Area inside fencing has playground equipment and child-size picnic tables. No fire ring, no electricity. (NOTE: CMA is not responsible for providing childcare or supervision.)

Grandmother's Grove
Located north of Meditation Wood, accessible by bridge. Large gathering space. Large fire ring and raised stone altar. No electricity, or seating. The path can get a bit muddy and will get very dark at night. Good private space for large groups.

Handfasting Grove
Located in the grove area behind established camping. Medium-size area with a small fire pit. No electricity. Many use this area for handfastings or small rituals. Plenty of shade, but no seating. BYO chair.

Herne's Hollow
Located off the main road and down a path through the wood near, past Volk Ve. Large well-shaded treed area with a very small stage. Medium fire ring and a permanent altar to Herne. No electricity or seating. BYO chair.

Located off Magickal Meadow (Revel Field). 20ft x 20ft covered space with electricity, BBQ pits, etc. No fire ring. Picnic tables.

Located behind CMA One and Phoenix Meadow. A place for meditative rituals, rituals honoring the fae, and rites of passage. No fire ring, no electricity. (Labyrinth Masters, the volunteer coordinators for this Sacred Space, may reach out to those requesting to host events in the Labyrinth to ensure the space will remain preserved in the specific structure it is intended to have.)

Lothlorien Wood
Located off the main road at the turn of the road towards the back 40. Medium-size treed area. Mostly Private, but partly viewable by the neighbors. No fire ring, no electricity. Altar dressed with offering dishes and candle holders. Mostly shaded woods. Energies are Fae, Primal, and Healing. Suitable for large workshops, drumming, any rituals or magickal working that needs isolation and natural buffers.

Magickal Meadow
Open area near the Revel Fire ring. There is plenty of space, and electricity may be accessible. Electrical arrangements must be made prior to festival.

Memorial Grove
Grove in Meditation Wood, near Temple Ganesh. Used for remembering those who have crossed. Small shaded space.

Pan's Playhouse
Located between Revel Fire and the main stage. 10ft x 16ft covered space. There is no electricity, no fire ring, and no seating.

Phoenix Meadow
Located between the Labyrinth and the CMA One area. Large field. Small fire ring, no electricity.

Temple Ganesh
Located in the Meditation Woods on the path to Grandmother's Grove. The first Hindu Sacred Space at Spirit Haven, dedicated to the elephant-headed remover of obstacles. No fire ring, no electricity.

Volk Ve
Located off the main road near the turn of the road. Small clearing with a small fire ring, an ancestor cairn, and two altars, to the Aesir and Vanir.
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