Bath Graduate Profile Survey Classes of 2004 - 2014
Thank you for participating in this survey of Bath graduates. Your responses will help us better serve our current students and provide us with the data to make changes to our curriculum.
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3. Year of Graduation *
4. When you filled out the career survey during high school, what did you say you were going to do? *
5. What did you actually do after graduating from Bath High School? *
6. If you earned an Associates Degree and once enrolled, how long did it take you to graduate? *
7. If you earned a Bachelor's Degree and once enrolled, how long did it take you to graduate? *
8. If you earned a degree or completed a trade school, are you currently employed in your field of study? *
9. Did your years at Bath prepare you socially/emotionally/physically for life and relationships beyond high school? *
10. What could we do to better prepare our students socially/emotionally/physically? *
11. Do you feel Bath Schools prepared you well for college/career? *
12. If not, what is needed to better prepare our students? *
13. Do you currently live in Ohio? *
14. Do you currently live in Allen County? *
15. Where do you currently live? *
16. What industry/work force are you currently in? *
17. What skill sets are you required to use on a daily basis? Check all that apply. *
18. Which soft skills listed below do you think you needed more work with in high school? Check all that apply. *
19. If you had to pick one soft skill listed below that you think would allow you to be most successful, which one would you choose? *
20. When you think about the best teacher you had in school, what was the #1 characteristic that teacher exhibited? *
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