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Welcome and thank you for taking that important step for strengthening your business and celebrating entrepreneurship with Caribbean and mainstream entrepeneurs in Caribbean diasporic and domestic markets.

We look forward to the pleasure of your company.
Magate Wildhorse Ltd, Toronto; Magate Wildhorse Inc. New York and The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs ( The CoP) are registered in Toronto, New York and Toronto respectively. The CoP is Canadian non-profit organization while the other two entities are global serving for-profit organizations and sponsors of The CoP.

Please note that some of your events are paid whiile others are free.

Be with us as we learn share and celebrate together!


This form is being administered by Magate Wildhorse Ltd (CoP Sponsor and Secretariat).

The information collected will be held in strictest of confidences and is governed by Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans – TCPS 2 (2018)

The data collected is subjected to provisions of Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act
(PIPEDA) in 2000

Your information will not be shared or sold to third parties. Information collected will be used to for deciding on the best events to share with you as well as for ensuring investors and potential partners you indicate an interest in have the right information for driving their desire to meet with you.

Brought to you by Magate Wildhorse Consulting and The Community of Practise for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs (Home of BIDEM Conference & Trade Show)

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