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Birds of Prey Convention 2024 is coming to Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Fly into Omaha Eppley (OMA) or Lincoln (LNK) airports. The convention will run from Thursday August 22 through Sunday August 25. This year's event will feature new aircraft and missiles in a challenging set of scenarios. Much of this will be preview content from the forthcoming folios Dawn of the Jet Age (World War II), Rolling Thunder (early Vietnam War), and Ghosts of Kiyev (Russian invasion of Ukraine.) More importantly, the convention will be full of a great bunch of fellow air gamers, excited to compete, teach and learn.

The Omaha/Lincoln area hosts a world-class air museum and we will attend as a group as part of the event. Here you can see an array of strategic bombers, from B-17 to B-58, including the massive B-36, a very rare RB-45, and a British Vulcan. There are also an array of fighters, including the unique XF-85 Goblin:
Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum (Bellevue)

If you are new to Birds of Prey, this is the perfect place to learn how to play. If you have played before, you can hone your skills and advance your tactics. And it is your chance to hang out with the people that create and support the game!

Please sign up here to let us know if you intend to attend. (No need to respond if you will not attend.)
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