Shine Bright Database - A. Montoya
Dear A. Montoya Parent or East Mountain Community Member,

We'd like to introduce you to the Shine Bright Database! Shine is an organization that has been privileged to partner with A. Montoya Elementary School in various ways for the past year. Teacher support and learning enrichment are among the top goals of our partnership.

The Shine Bright Database is an effort to connect teachers with people in the community who have skills and expertise that they are willing to share with our students - either directly through a presentation or behind-the-scenes by helping a teacher design an activity or lesson. As teachers create their lesson plans, they can use this database to find people who could speak on a particular topic or career.

With your help, we can assist our teachers in communicating to our children that they have a bright, successful future within their reach!

All are welcome! Professionals, side-hustlers, stay-at-home parents - everyone has something they can contribute!

Thank you for being involved.
- The Shine Team

What is your first name?
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What is your career or area of expertise?
How many years of experience do you have in this field?
Do you have a side job or another area of expertise? If so, list it here.
How many years of experience do you have with your side job or area of expertise?
Do you have a title or certification related to your career? For example, Registered Nurse, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Nail Technician, Professional Engineer, Massage Therapist, etc. If so, please list all that apply. If not, no problem! We just want to know how to introduce you to the students.
Please list all topics, related to your expertise, that you would be willing to talk about with a class.
We want to be respectful of your time! Let us know if you would be willing to speak to a class once or twice per year. Once you’ve been scheduled to speak, you will not be contacted again until the following semester or year.
Please enter your email below so we can contact you.
How are you associated with A. Montoya?
Every month, we send a few "speaker spotlights" to the teachers (see example below). If you are willing, please upload a photo so the teachers can see who they will be working with. It can be a professional photo or one with your family.
An example of our Speaker Spotlights
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