Survey on Applied Learning Chinese for Non-Chinese Speaking Students
Thank you for your participation in this questionnaire survey. The survey is commissioned by the Oxfam Hong Kong and conducted by Policy 21 Ltd. This is an opinion survey on the subject Applied Learning Chinese newly implemented from academic year 2014/15 for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students. Results of the study will help Oxfam Hong Kong in advocacy of NCS language policy.
The questionnaire survey will take you about 15 minutes. Please note that your participation is entirely voluntary. All information obtained will be treated strictly confidential and used for research purposes only. Only aggregate data will be reported and no personal information will be released in any report or publication.
Name of SECONDARY SCHOOL studied. *
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Part A:Result of ApL(C) and post-secondary pathway
1. Which of the Applied Learning Chinese [ApL(C)] subject did you take? *
2. Where did you take the course of ApL(C), inside or outside of your school campus? *
3. How was your result of the ApL(C) public examination? *
4. How was your pathway after graduating from secondary school? *
4a. Please specify the programme you studied.
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4b. (For the one who are working) Are you working in the industry related to Service Industry or Hospitality?
4b(i). Please specify the industry you currently working in.
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