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Naughty Nights Press LLC, a traditional small publisher of Contemporary, Paranormal, and Fantasy Romance, High Heat Erotic Romance, and Erotica, is accepting new applications for bloggers to participate in our new release media blasts and other promotions. If you are a committed blogger and willing to post our media blast information on your blog and/or social media, please signup below. Media Kits will always be provided for any content we send you, and we will ensure you have at least one week full notice to signup for posting dates.

Please add erzabet@naughtynightspress.com to your contacts so these Media Blast offers come directly to your inbox. We will never simply send any Media Kits without sending an invite to participate (OPT IN), and you are free to remove yourself from our Blast service at any time simply by clicking "unsubscribe" on any of the email invitations you may receive.

We do ask that if you OPT IN to receive a Media Kit, and do agree to post our blast information on specific dates, you also follow through otherwise our authors get discouraged in using our services and we would then have to cancel it. We know our bloggers & followers LOVE this service, so please help us keep it going! :D

**Books & Media Blasts offered through this service are not always published by Naughty Nights Press LLC, nor do we recommend or endorse any product directly that does not carry our recognized logo on its cover. Please remember this is a service provided by NNP for bloggers, authors, and readers alike, and not every blast offered will be to your genre preferences. This is why we will ALWAYS send an OPT IN signup invite to you before we send you any Media Kit material for posting.**

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I understand I shall not be compensated in any way, directly or indirectly, for my participation in the Naughty Nights Press Media Blasts and do so on a completely voluntary basis. I will not be under any assumed obligation to signup for Media Blasts and may remove myself from the offer list at any time by clicking "unsubscribe" on any emails I may receive from this service. *
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