TYDE Masters Swimming - Free Trial
Try our TYDE Masters swimming program from June 1st - June 10th. Practices are held Monday 6-7 am at William G. White Jr. Family YMCA and Thursday & Friday 6-7 am at the Jerry Long Family YMCA. Please complete this form to attend the Masters Swimming trial period.
To continue swimming with TYDE Masters though the summer please visit www.swimtyde.org to register! Summer schedule: 6 - 7 am Monday at WGW, Tuesday & Thursday at Bolton Park Pool (Long Course)
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Want to join the TYDE Masters swim team?
Visit the TYDE web site at www.swimtyde.org and select TYDE Masters under the "Groups" tab. Or click https://operations.daxko.com/Online/3083/ProgramsV2/Search.mvc?program_id=CC21376086
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