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Your responses to the questions below will equip us with information that will be needed when we participate in programs that occur on and off-campus.
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About You!
Please write a 3-6 sentence short bio about yourself in the space below. *
This bio will be shared with other Bonners and our contacts at the nonprofits you will be working with. Feel free to include your hometown, your hobbies, your life goals as you see them now, etc.
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Bonner 101
As you already know, new Bonners will take part in Bonner 101 during the fall semester. There's no need to register for this program, but your participation is a required part of the scholarship. (It is considered part of your regular, 10 hours a week.) To see the full schedule, check out this link: http://www.urbonner.com/calendars#bonner-101-cal
Attendance *
The last six weeks of your first semester are called "exploration." This is when you will explore several community partners (nonprofits) in Richmond for two-week rotations. To ensure that we are able to place you at organizations that interest you, please answer the following questions.
What age-groups do you enjoy working with? *
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Interests *
Please rank your interest in the following social issues:
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4 (very interested)
Public Health (public hospitals, free health clinics)
Hunger and homelessness
Prisoner Re-entry
Primary education and tutoring (pre-k to grade 5)
Secondary education and tutoring (grades 6-12)
Adult education and tutoring (college and beyond)
Youth Mentorship (life skills, relationship building)
Environment and sustainability (green initiatives)
Animal Welfare
Advocacy and Law
Citizen participation and government (voter education and access)
Community development (holistic, neighborhood well-being)
Economic development (job diversity and access)
Social enterprise (business for the common good)
Global Outreach (refugee and immigration, non-english speakers)
Diversity and inclusion (anti-bullying, multi-culturalism)
Faith-based civic engagement
Senior citizens
Women's rights
Citizens with physical and/or mental disabilities
Arts and culture
How have you enjoyed volunteering in the past? *
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Skills and talents *
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In what environments / situations do you thrive? *
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