Creepy Russian Village Hunt - Designers Application
Creepy Russian Village Hunt - this is a Russian outback of the late 80s and early 90s with elements of Slavic mythology and fairy tales. A dark, creepy place, full of its secrets.

Theme: Russian village 80's-90's, slavic mythology, russian fairy tales and epic and etc.

Inspiration board:
Slavic deities:

Designers application end: 14th October
Payment deadline: 15th October

Setup open: 15th October
Setup end: 20th Ocober 9 am SLT

Hunt start: 20th October 12:00 pm SLT
Hunt end: 10th November

Regular - 1000L$ (1-10 hunts)
Free - 0L$ (1-5 hunts)

You do not need a store in the world to participate. The hunt will take place in our skybox for events, on our land.

Hunt price 0-25L$
Marketplace stores can join the hunt.
Exclusive is optional. An old, repainted, or new product is acceptable. But we will be happy if you do something new.
No empty or fraudulent hunts. No need to do hints. This is an easy hunt.
Maximum 10 hunts for Regular and 5 hunts for Free rates.
You can't set your hunt products in your store, as a gift or at a price below 25 L$, for the period of hunting.
You need to make a hunt key and send it to the hunt Owner. For more information, see the setup instructions.
You need place an hunt poster in your store.

The prize must be of the same quality and the same category as the usual products in your store. Please do not place low-quality trinkets as a prize. Do you usually sew clothes? This means that the prize must contain clothes, and not something else.

No adult content. Light eroticism is acceptable.
We will not accept items featuring branded names or logos or copyrighted items.
Stores, that use fullperm products and/or models downloaded from 3d-stocks are not allowed.

If you are accepted, an event group will be sent to you.
If you haven't received the group, please contact Notthereal Novaland or JustOxy
Hunt Owner - Notthereal Novaland

Group manager - JustOxy


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