Student Google Account
Jefferson Montessori Academy provides Google accounts to all active students 4th through 12th grade as part of Google for Education.

Providing a school issued GFE account to students is part of our efforts to foster a 21st century learning environment. Some immediate uses of a school issued G Suite account include:

Communicating with teachers (e.g. for questions, extra help, or homework)
Communicating with other students (e.g. to coordinate group homework)
Access to Google Classroom
Access to Google Drive (Cloud Storage), Docs (similar to MS Word), Sheets (similar to MS Excel)

With this educational opportunity also comes responsibility. It is important that parents and students read the guidelines for appropriate use available on the school website.

For regulatory purposes, all student emails are archived and accessible by school administrators. As such, student email will be monitored for inappropriate use. Inappropriate system use can result in the loss of the privilege to use this educational tool, as well as result in possible disciplinary or legal actions.

Finally, we believe it is in the learner's best interest to have a restricted account. Restricted accounts can send and receive email only from other addresses within the school. In addition the google Hangouts app has been disabled for student accounts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Robbie in the JMA computer lab.

Please provide your name, your scholars name and click the approve button below to accept these terms.

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