Do you want to create a positive culture and experience around failures within your sector, company or conference? We support you with highly interesting speakers, workshops and professional setups.

Why to co-create a private Fuckup Event with us:
* to promote an acceptance of failure and celebrate trying
* to generate a culture of inclusion and transparency, reinforcing transparent communication
* to eliminate the feeling of hierarchy and promote a start-up mentality
* to facilitate bottom-up innovation and innovative thinking
* to help you prevent losses by finding early stage 'mistakes‘
* to energise the culture of the company

What we can deliver:
* Workshops for executives, employees, teams or attendees of your event
* The curation of speakers, stories and presentations
* A fun innovation talk to put attendees on a growth mindset
* Coach sessions with speakers on how to tell their story of failure
* Moderate, introduce speakers and guide Q&A session.
* Create branded content and designs for your event.
* Support on communication through our digital channels
* Guidelines and ideas for a great events from our movement’s best practices.
* Make it a FUN success: documentation, measure impact on attendees, live streaming, etc.

It takes between two weeks and two months to organise a private event. During this process you will have a FUN team member always available for you. We like to have great communication to make sure your event is a big success.

Any questions or ideas? Please share them with us below!

*or reach out to us directly through Salzburg@fuckupnights.co

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