Nexus Staff Application
This form is used to apply for a staff position at Nexus Gaming.

All staff is expected to be mature, friendly, active, and helpful.
The role is on a volunteer basis, which means that you are doing this to help the community.

What you will get in return for your help:
- Access to private Discord channels for staff members
- Our respect and gratitude
- Input on the way Nexus Gaming is run
- Sneak peeks on new features and graphics

What will happen after you submit your application:
- A manager will read your application
- If you get approved, it will be discussed by the current staff
- After that you will be contacted for a short interview
- If all is well up to this point, you will receive a trial status
- After a few weeks, we will evaluate how you've been doing

Do note: We do not message everyone that submits an application.
Not getting a message within a few days does not mean you were not accepted.
If all the positions are filled, we will keep good applications and may contact you in the future.
This may mean that your application will go without response for a while.

If you're still interested, feel free to continue.

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