Almost Fearless Magazine (a print quarterly)
Almost Fearless is relaunching May 1st, 2017 as a digital and print magazine. These guidelines are for the print quarterly only. We are actively look for and assigning articles for our September and January issues. (September will be a beta issue.)

If you want to pitch articles for the web, please use this form instead:

Submission Guidelines
We're a small publication with a big appetite.

We're seeking experienced writers to help us build a space for parents who adventure. This is not family travel as you know it. We won't feature resorts, theme parks or endless lists of "things to do with children."

We believe our kids deserve to experience boredom. They have the right to spend hours looking out a car window, like we did as kids, waiting in meditative silence for the adventure to begin.

We believe our kids deserve authentic travel experiences, not manufactured ones. We didn't travel in tour groups in our twenties, why would we start now. We want our kids to speak with local children in the international language of play. We want them to be shocked, challenged, frustrated and pleased in all the same ways that travel baffles and amazes all of us.

We believe our children deserve an active and adventurous childhood. We want our kids go wild, to bike, hike, ski, camp, surf, to experience primitive camping, to build the strength and skill to backcountry ski or hike Everest base camp.

We believe parenthood is about enjoying our children at least as much as preparing them for the future. We believe you don’t have to choose, you can do both.

We believe that parenthood is the beginning of the adventure, not the end.


First, tell us where your story fits:

PROFILES: We're interested in featuring one profile per issue of an adventure/outdoor/travel person of note with an emphasis on how their professional career has influenced their parenting. Please include a sketch of the story, the characters, your access, and the big or surprising idea you think this profile will reveal.


Example 2:

NARRATIVES: We have room in each issue for one long (4000+) and several medium-length (2000+) stories.


REPORTED SERVICE: Our readers want to learn how to do things! They want expert opinion, smart science and well-researched tips, whether it's learning about bush craft, blue water sailing, or backcountry cross-country skiing with toddlers.

Example: Modern Farmer's how-to advice in their print edition has a similar sensibility.

SCIENCE WRITING: We're interested in any topics (risk, child development, parenting, health, neuroscience, love, family, and so on) if they can be tied back to adventure, travel, outdoor activities, lifestyle or parenting choices.


FOB: gear, books, lifestyle, documentaries, tips/tricks (typically 200-400 words).

In the next section, we ask you to provide a summary of your story, it's history, context, characters, surprises and big reveals. Be specific but concise. If your subject learns something profound, what is it? If you have a cool, time-saving tip, what is it? Ideally, we'd like no more than 4-6 sentences about your idea. What we're looking for:

- A strong story angle
- A sense of wonder
- The unusual or unexpected

If you want to write about Paris, it's fine, just avoid the tropes. If you want to write about hiking with babies, do it better than Backpacking or Outdoor magazines - perhaps tell us how French mothers do it in the Alps. We want to cover the uncovered ground where parenting and travel/adventure merge.

If you need support for travel or access, please work with our editors before using the Almost Fearless name to pitch brands. We do allow for sponsored travel but it must be declared and cleared with the editorial team.

Finally, about yourself. We want to see a few of your best clips, especially those like what you're pitching. Plus, we'd like to hear more about you in relation to this story. Why are you the best writer for this story?


$1/word, 60 days post-publication

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