Carleton Engineering Musical: Band 2020-21 Audition Form
This is the band audition form for the 2020-21 Carleton Engineering Musical Band. Continue to the next page to begin filling out the form!

As is shown on our website, this audition requires recordings of a piece of your choice, a required excerpt for each instrument provided at the link below or on the site, and two major scales of your choice with 3+ sharps or flats.

Audition Music:

The deadline to submit auditions is Friday September 25th at 11:59 PM EDT.
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In the event that we have in-person rehearsals on campus, we need to know how many of our attendees have First Aid, CPR, and/or Smart Serve certification. Do you have any of these? *
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Will you be in Ottawa for the Fall/Winter semesters? If unsure, say so under 'Other.' *
We're locked up in quarantine, so any music suggestions? I get bored easily.
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