National Registry of White Males
Statistically speaking, white men pose the greatest threat to domestic security for all American Citizens. Do your Civic Duty and Register. Let's work together to Help Keep America Safe.

Visit for more info. Or tweet @allwhitemen
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The National Registry of White Males (NRWM) is a satirical art project challenging the concept of discrimination against an entire subset of the population based on the actions of a few. It takes as its starting point the Muslim registry proposed by the Trump administration, but replaces that population with the demographic that experiences the least amount of societal oppression in the United States: affluent, white, straight men.

It is not a real registry. No one from the NRWM is actually ‘coming for you’. We should be the least of your concerns. Truly.

None of the information voluntarily given to this website will be sold to any external party, nor used for commercial purposes. This is probably one of the few places on the internet where that happens to be true.

All personal info including full legal names, emails and street addresses are of no actual interest to the creator of this project, and will not be used for any purpose. Any real street addresses entered into the form will be deleted upon download. Additionally, the form’s submissions are downloaded and wiped weekly to avoid potential breaches in security.

On a related note, you should probably not be giving your home address to random strangers on the internet. :)
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