JLF Chavurah Application
A Chavurah is a small group of students who meet regularly with a Rutgers Hillel staff members to connect with peers and process the complexities of life while exploring ideas, texts, and wisdom from Jewish tradition. A Chavurah is structured as a 5-part series, for an hour each, with a consistent group over Zoom. Your Chavurah will meet weekly.

A Chavurah is oriented around essential human questions that come alive for many of us in this challenging moment.

As a participant in a JLF Chavura you will:
1. Expand your Jewish social network with other students at Rutgers Hillel.
2. Be strengthened by the presence of a consistent group and practice.
3. Have additional opportunities to study Torah beyond the Chavurah.
4. Build a relationship with a Jewish mentor (someone who offers consistent presence during turbulent times).

Classes will meet Fridays from 3:00pm-4:00pm starting July 3rd
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