"What's in your freezer" pitch form
Note: This pitch form is only for Greatist's "what's in your freezer" series. This is not a general pitch form for Greatist. (Word count: ~500-600 words. Rate: $250 flat rate). International pitches accepted!
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Where do you live? *
Link to your writing portfolio or previous writing sample (URLs only) *
How big of a role does your freezer play in your kitchen life? *
I basically just use it for ice
I exclusively eat frozen food
Share 3 things you *always* keep in your freezer. *
What is the most unique thing in your freezer right now? *
What is the oldest thing in your freezer right now? *
Don't be embarrassed!
Pitch us! Why would Greatist's readers be interested in your freezer? *
1-2 sentences. Share something unique about how your freezer fits into your living situation or lifestyle that would draw readers in. Do you share with 10 other people? Do you exclusively eat frozen Trader Joe's dinners? Do you make your own freezer meals? (Note: We are not interested in weight loss stories.)
Fill in the blank in this headline: "I _____________. This is what's in my freezer." Provide 2-3 options if possible.
E.G. "I'm a triathlete. This is what's in my freezer." "I live with 10 people. We have one kitchen. This is what's in our freezer." "I just started breastfeeding. This is what's in my freezer."
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