Date: 5 & 7 & 9th April 2021
Time: 15:00-18:00 (180minutes)
Ages: 5-7y & 8-10y &10-13y
Venue: King's Park  

3-4y mini-kickers class is also available from below

□ Single 3h= $400
□ Standard 3h x 3d=$1200
□ Early apply3h x 3d=$1,000 (apply by 30/March)

<Different Focus for Different stage: >

◆5-10y ◆ Do it right & Get it !
✔ Positive 1st Touch
✔ Effective Passing (2 most important skills in soccer)

◆10-13y◆  Fast & Master it !
✔ Fast Drills
✔Moves to beat defender
✔Control the ball in the air

<BTS Classic training in the camp covers all below>
✔ Strength Balance
✔ Speed, Agility & Coordination work
✔ Footworks & Technical drills
✔ Ball technique
✔ Shooting & Passing
✔ Game play/ Soccer IQ

◆Why BTS Intensive Camps?◆

We specialize in technical training because we believe that for a player to fully enjoy “the beautiful game” and play to the best of their abilities, they must master ball control on/off the ground using all parts of both feet and their body.

Think of your favorite player or all the talented players. They all have their own playing styles, strengths and positional specialization. One thing that they all have in common is an incredible touch of the ball and a superior ability to control and manipulate the ball in any given situation.

That is why we choose to focus on improving a player’s coordination, balance, footwork, change of direction, timing, ball control and mastery in any situation. Our technical training program is flexible and created to challenge any level of player including a professional player. Ball mastery allows players to play with their heads up and utilize their vision allowing them to make intelligent decisions on the field by being proactive rather that reactive.

BTS soccer academy training programs and camps have a daily variation in setup and training, so the players are constantly engaged and challenged to learn or develop a new skill at each of our camps to ensure maximization of time by focusing on quality and quantity of repetition of assigned skill.

Our Camps are designed to be very demanding and challenging for any player level. We also understand that at the end of the day, Soccer is a game and everyone should enjoy it. so we make sure and commit that we “work hard and play harder” with lots of fun activities that you will only experience at BTS.

Count on us!
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