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What best describes your business interests in Downtown Waterloo? (check all that apply)
What best describes how long you have been in business?
What best describes your current business real estate scenario?
Help us understand your business environment in Downtown Waterloo
In the last three years I have seen sales/business activity:
Lately, it seems like most of my customers come from:
How are these issues affecting your business in downtown Waterloo?
Big impact
Small impact
No impact
I can't tell
Insufficient financing
Out-of-town competition
Insufficient/inconvenient parking
In-town competition
Utility cost
Building condition
Rent costs
Challenges with building owner
What is the TOP challenge you face attracting customers to Downtown Waterloo?
What are the TOP TWO products or services that would COMPLEMENT your business in Downtown Waterloo?
In the next 12-24 months, what best describes your business plan?
What programs or incentives would cause you to consider increasing business investment in downtown Waterloo?
How far away from your business do customers typically have to walk from parking?
What else should the committee consider when thinking about downtown revitalization?
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