myNKY Nano Grant Application
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Program Overview
The Nano Grant Program is brought to you by Skyward and the Center for Great Neighborhoods (The Center). This program aims to encourage creative solutions to local problems. Skyward would like to invest in Northern Kentucky residents, students, and workers with creative ideas to strengthen the community. It is our hope that the myNKY Nano Grant Pilot Program will allow for experimentation and exploration of creative ways to build community. The pilot program will begin in three different communities: one urban (Dayton, KY), one suburban (Florence), and one rural (Pendleton County), but it is the hope of Skyward that the program will expand to the full region in the future.

Funding will be available in Summer 2016 in two funding windows. Two to three applications will be selected following the application deadline of July 5, 2016 and two to three (for a total of five in each community) will be selected following the application deadline of August 1, 2016.

Community Workshops will be held for anyone who wants to talk about ideas in person:
Monday, June 6, 2016: 7pm at Pendleton County Building, 233 Main Street, Falmouth, Kentucky
Tuesday, June 7, 2016: 5:30pm at Dayton Schools Administration Building, 200 Clay Street, Dayton, Kentucky
TBD: Florence, Kentucky location

Proposal Eligibility
Any individual who is a resident, student or worker (works at least 15 hours/week) in a pilot community is eligible to apply for a Nano Grant of up to $250 for creative placemaking projects or activities. Creative placemaking is defined as any artistic or creative effort to make your neighborhood or community stronger. If you are a youth applicant, under the age of 18, you must live in a pilot community and have a consent form signed by your parent/legal guardian.
Project Eligibility
Skyward and The Center for Great Neighborhoods are seeking creative projects that bring Northern Kentuckians together, build a sense of community, celebrate our differences, and foster community pride. Every project should contain at least one accessible element that is free to the public. Eligible projects should not exclude groups of people socially or politically and should embrace Skyward’s values of inclusion (learn more at Additionally, your project budget should specify how you plan to spend the money awarded. Funding cannot be used for projects that are already completed or partially underway. All projects should be completed within three months of receiving funding.
Funding Criteria
In general, projects that address multiple points of the criteria will be the strongest candidates for funding. In addition, projects should be well-planned, feasible, and able to be completed within three months of approval.
• The applicant is a resident, student or worker (works at least 15 hours/week) in a pilot community (Dayton, Florence or Pendleton County, Kentucky).
• Project funding is not being used for projects that are already completed or partially underway.
• The project benefits the community.
• The project brings Northern Kentuckians together, builds a sense of community, celebrates our differences and/or fosters community pride in a creative way.
• The project is new and innovative.
• The project includes a free, publicly accessible element.
Funding Decisions
Grant decisions are made through a staff review process. Staff will consider the funding criteria stated above. Staff will not take part in the review process if the applicant is family by blood, marriage or adoption; a business associate or someone who they have a financial interest in; or whose existing personal relationship precludes an objective review. Staff may elect to fund a project in full, or may choose to only fund a portion of the proposed project. All applicants will receive notification of funding decisions within 10 days of application submission.
Submitting Your Application
Applications can be submitted online by using this form, available by link via or Applications can also be downloaded and emailed, mailed or dropped off to:

ATTN: Kate Esarey
Center for Great Neighborhoods
Hellmann Creative Center, 321 West 12th Street
Covington, KY 41011

Contact Us
If you have any questions about the Nano Grant Program or the application process, please contact Kate Esarey at 859.803.8963 or
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