2019 Subject and Supervisor Requests
Remember, you should have e-mailed who you want to be your supervisor directly. They will reply once the have accepted you as a candidate. If your first choice supervisor has already reached his or her maximum number, you may need to ask a second choice, etc.
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If you haven't done so yet, please text the message @schsib2019 to the phone number 81010 so that you will receive text reminders about the Extended Essay deadlines.
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What subject area have you chosen to write in? *
What is the last name of your requested supervisor? (Please try to spell it correctly) *
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Have you contacted a potential supervisor via e-mail? (If no, please send them an e-mail immediately after submitting this form. Look in your direction packet.) *
Have you received confirmation from your supervisor that they will work with you- either in person or via e-mail? (If you still have not heard from them 24 hours after you sent the email, please stop by to see them in person.) *
Who is a second choice for a supervisor if your first choice has too many students? *
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Are there any teachers you would not be successful working with?
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Goal Setting
Diploma Points Earned From Extended Essay and TOK Papers
What is your performance goal for this paper? Nothing less than a(n): *
Use the chart above to determine the minimum grade you will be happy with on the extended essay.
How much time do you anticipate putting into this process? *
IB World says that students earning an A on the Extended Essay will usually have invested approximately 40 hours into the process (including background research, meetings, etc.).
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What do you hope to learn from the process? *
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What is your biggest concern about the extended essay so far? *
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