Death registration telephone appointment
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Important: Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, new legislation has been put into place recently which allows death registrations to be registered over the telephone, with no need for face-to-face contact. Please complete the details below and a member of our team will call you to book a telephone appointment on a date and time that suits you.
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Important: In order to carry out the death registration over the phone, we MUST have a copy of the medical cause of death certificate. If you have been given this document, please can you scan the document (or take a photo of the document) and send it to Without this document we can't proceed with the registration.
For families whose loved one was referred to the coroner for a post-mortem, the coroner will scan the relevant paperwork to us.

Additionally, for families whose loved one died at Homerton University Hospital, they will scan the relevant paperwork to us also.
The following question is optional. In the interest of public health reasons, could you please provide the ethnicity of the deceased.
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