Application for Participation on Sioux Falls School District K-12 Health Curriculum Study
5 pm on July 1, 2019
Purpose of Committee
The K-12 Health Curriculum Committee is a broad-based committee that will meet over the course of two years to:
--Review current program strengths and weaknesses
--Reviews and studies current curriculum documents and trends/best practices in K-12 Health
--Develop a K-12 Health vision, mission and goal statements
--Review State Standards for K-12 Health
--Provide guidance to the Instructional Level Subcommittees
--Monitor K-12 alignment and transitions between instructional levels
Committee Membership
Membership needs for 2 year term with the 2nd year meeting approximately 3 times
--3 Elementary School Teachers*
--3 Middle School Teachers*
--3 High School Teachers*
--1 Elementary School Administrator*
--1 Middle School Administrator*
--1 High School Administrator*
--3 Special Services Teachers (1/Instructional Level)*
--1 Special Services Administrator*
--1 ELL Teacher*
--1 School Counselor
--1 School Librarian
--4 Parents/Guardians of students attending Sioux Falls Public Schools (one for each level and one at-large)
--2 Community Members
*Teachers and principals must also agree to serve on the instructional level subcommittee.
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Why are you interested in serving on the Sioux Falls School District K-12 Health Steering Committee? *
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Selection Process
The Curriculum Services Department will review the applications and select the committee members based upon the above positions and the responses on the completed application.
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