AAPM WG RO-ILS Recommended Curriculum on Quality Improvement and Incident Learning (Incident Review section)
This is the "Incident Review" section of the AAPM Quality Improvement and Incident Learning module for Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology Residency Programs. This part of the curriculum consists of completion of Section 5, the submission of 5 sample incident reviews. Each review is submitted through a separate entry into this form so that you do not need to enter all 5 reviews in one session. Residents can complete this curriculum independently and send documentation of completion to their program director. Please enter the resident’s email address as well as your program director or coordinator's email address so that we may send this documentation.
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Section (5) - Submission of sample incident reviews
Purpose: The resident should be familiar with the RO-ILS data elements and the process of reviewing an event and entering an incident review.

The next section of this form will provide the background information necessary for the resident to generate incident reviews for 5 sample radiation therapy events.

Residents will watch a video describing each event (courtesy of iTreatSafely) and then submit a mock incident review within a questionnaire section that includes the key RO-ILS data elements. (Please note that you will need to create an account at https://i.treatsafely.org/ prior to viewing any of the videos. If you are not logged into your account, the links will send you to the main iTreatSafely landing site.)

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