2019 Crawford County, Arkansas Library System Planning Survey
The Crawford County Library System is planning for the future and we’d like your help! Please help us by filling out this short survey. Thank you for your time & assistance.
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Did you know?
The Crawford County Library System has not had an income increase since 1998 when voters increased property taxes from .4 mills to 1.4 mills. During the 20 years since that increase, several items have taken a toll on the library system budget such as:

- inflation (price of 1 gallon of gas in 1998 was $1.06 -- in 2019 it is $2.59 per gallon)

- minimum wage increase (minimum wage in 1998 was $5.15/hr --in 2019 it is $9.25/hr)

- costs of digital subscriptions

- costs of maintaining computers/equipment/programs

Even though the county has grown, it has not been enough to even out these increased costs to the system. Do you know how much you pay in property tax to the library system? It is on your tax receipt. On property valued at $100,000 you pay $28 per year at the current rate of 1.4 mills.
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how much more would you be willing to pay per year for library services?
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Would it be beneficial to you if you could receive notices or reminders of programs and other library activities through email?
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