Transmission Ministry Collective Community Reporting Form
Thank you for helping to keep our community safe! If you believe you have experienced or observed any actions that violate our community rules, including any kind of discrimination, spiritual abuse, sexual harassment, or harassment of any other kind, please let us know by filling out the form below.

A report can be filed regarding anyone in our community, any volunteer leaders, any TMC staff members, or TMC board members. TMC policy dictates that no retaliation will be allowed against anyone who reports misconduct, and you can file this report anonymously or with as much information as you feel comfortable providing. If you would to be directly contacted about the report you're providing, please answer the final two questions about contact information so that we can reach you with further questions. If your report is regarding a TMC board member or staff person, they will not be allowed to contact you, and you will be contacted instead by a different board member or staff person. Please note that if you file a report anonymously we can only pursue the issue as far as the information you submit now will allow.

When you click submit on this form, your answers will be automatically emailed to all TMC board members as well as to TMC Co-Executive Directors Micah Melody Taberner and Miche van Essen. This allows us to provide checks and balances so that everyone can be held accountable. We are committed to taking every report seriously and investigating it to the full extent possible. TMC policy dictates that we will thoroughly review your report as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks from the date the report was submitted.

For a copy of our community rules, please click here:
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