AngularDay 2019 CFP
AngularDay - June 14th, 2019 - Verona, Italy

You can send your talk proposals until April 1st, 2019.
AngularDay is an international conference and all sessions will be in english, please consider that when submitting your proposals.

The speaker package includes:
- conference ticket;
- one night (before the event) at the hotel (2 nights for speakers coming from abroad);
- speakers' dinner on the evening before the conference day;
- coffee breaks, lunch on the event's day and an after-conference happy hour with snacks, GrUSP beer and the famous Spritz!
- Also we'll record your session in HD and provide it edited after the conference.

Here are some topics you could cover:
- Unit tests and E2E testing
- Data architectures in Redux and NGRX
- Authentication and security
- Reactive Forms
- Custom Directives
- Techniques, methodologies and best practices on components
- Data Archictures in Angular and Redux
- JIT vs AOT compilation
- Angular, Observable and RxJS
- Data Driven infographics in Angular and D3.js
- Change Detection strategies and performance optimization
- Typescript and ES2015 in Angular
- MultiView Applications in Angular Router

If you, or your company, choose to cover the hotel cost, you will get in exchange a bronze level sponsorship.

For further information please contact GrUSP at

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