2019 JooSoap EcoSoap Workshop for individuals
Looking for hands-on activities in Summer? Bring your friends and come to our workshops next to the lovely greenhouse: Kääntöpöytä in Pasila, Helsinki. Join JooSoap Studio to make eco-soaps out of used cooking oil for household cleaning. Tested and tried technologies/experience from Taiwan since 1996!

Every liter of used cooking oil can become 1 kg of EcoSoap for household cleaning and handwashing. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to make eco-soap and also get acquainted with related environmental and health issues. The price includes all material and equipment. We will source some used cooking oil from local restaurants in Helsinki, you are also welcome to bring your own used cooking oil from your kitchen.

Workshop for individuals:
A. 15.06.2019 Saturday, 3pm-5pm
B. 30.06.2019 Sunday, 3pm-5pm (CANCELLED)
C. 21.07.2019 Sunday, 4pm-6pm
D. 04.08.2019 Sunday 3pm-5pm
E. 20.08.2019 Tuesday, 5pm-7pm

*Private/Groups workshop is also welcomed by sending email to info@joosoap.org
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