Daniel C. Oakes High School Application
Application Introduction

D.C. Oakes is designated an Alternative Education Campus (AEC) by the Colorado Department of Education.  This designation means 95% or more of our students fall into at least one of the at-risk categories identified by Colorado Statute (SB 09-163).  Questions in this application help determine if a student qualifies in one or more of these categories and if they are a good fit to join the Oakes community.

About Daniel C. Oakes High School:

At Daniel C. Oakes High School, we continue to meet the needs of over 150 students each quarter who are looking for an alternative path toward achieving a high school diploma. Founded in 1987, Daniel C. Oakes High School is a school dedicated to providing an instructional, community atmosphere with a focus on personalized instruction. We take pride knowing that we can rekindle a student's desire and passion to learn, and we are proud to serve the Douglas County School District with a comprehensive, alternative high school program.

Age Requirements:

To be considered for admission to Daniel C. Oakes High School, students must be between the ages of 16 and 20 years old and have attempted at least one year of high school. Additionally, please understand that one of our missions is dropout retrieval, and this sometimes requires us to give a higher priority to older students.

Graduation Requirements:

Students at Daniel C. Oakes High School must fulfill the graduation requirements set forth by the Douglas County School District Board of Education to receive their diploma.

Application Process:

In order to be placed on our waiting list, students must do the following:
     1. Submit a completed application form (below) and send all previous transcripts and up-to-date immunizations to the school registrar, Vicki O'Neill, at voneill@dcsdk12.org.
     2. Show 7th grade proficiency in math and reading on the TABE entrance exam, complete with a writing sample (DUE TO COVID-19 and the DCSD remote learning plan, testing is NOT currently taking place).
     3. Schedule and successfully complete a virtual/online interview with a staff member (parents are welcome to attend).

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Student Application
In your own writing, please fill out and complete all sections.
First Name *
Last Name *
Middle Name
Date of Birth *
Gender *
Address *
City *
Zip Code *
Home phone number
Student Cell phone number *
Name of Parent/Guardian *
Relationship *
example: mother, stepmother, grandparent, etc.
Parent/Guardian cell phone *
Parent/Guardian Email *
Student:   Are you currently employed? *
If yes, where are you employed?
Current Supervisor's name
Do you have a valid Colorado Driver’s License? *
If yes, what is your Driver's License number?
Will you be driving a vehicle to school? *
If yes, what the make, model, color and license plate number of your car?
Are you currently attending school? *
Most recent grade attended: *
Name of most recent high school attended: *
Address and Phone number of last high school attended if it is NOT a Douglas County School.
Other high schools attended:
Choose all that apply
How many high school credits have you earned? *
Do you currently receive any special services?  Check all those that apply. *
If yes, please fax, email or bring a copy to D.C. Oakes.
If yes, who is your case manager?
Do you currently have a containment plan (ISMP)?
Clear selection
Are you currently enrolled in an online class with a DCSD school?   *
If yes, what class(s) and who is your teacher.
Evaluate Your Skills: Reading *
Evaluate Your Skills: Writing *
Evaluate Your Skills: Math *
Have you ever been expelled from school?   *
If yes, for what reason(s)?
Have you ever been suspended from school?   *
If yes, for what reason(s)?
Do you have multiple in-school or out-of-school suspensions? *
When was the onset of your school behavioral issues? *
Do you have, or ever had, attendance issues?     *
excused, unexcused, tardies, missed periods
If yes, for what reason(s) were you absent?
Do you have a history of truancy? *
(3 unexcused absences in a month, or 10 unexcused absences in a year)
Have you had contact with any law enforcement agencies in the past 6 months? *
This includes law enforcement agencies outside of Douglas County.
Have you ever been arrested? *
If yes, for what reason(s)?
Are you currently on probation? *
If yes, for what reason(s)?
Name of Probation Officer
Phone number of Probation Officer
Do you have a history of substance use/abuse (current or in the past)? *
Is there a history of drug use or abuse in your family? *
Onset of personal drug and/or alcohol involvement? *
Is there a history of violence in your home? *
When was the onset of your school academic issues? *
When was the onset of your truancy issues? *
Do you have a diagnosed psychological or behavioral disorder? *
Have you ever undergone a threat or suicide assessment? *
Have you ever dropped out of school? *
Are you a parent? *
Are you, or have you ever been homeless? *
Have you experienced any grief or loss? *
Ex: loss of a loved one, divorce, abandoned by a parent, adopted
If yes, share a short description of the grief or loss issue(s).
Have you experienced a traumatic event? *
major accidents, health problems of a family member, health problems (self), witness to a traumatic event etc.
If yes, share a short description of the traumatic event(s)?
Please check any interventions that apply to your background *
Choose all that apply
With whom are you currently living? *
How would you describe your relationship with your parents? *
Describe a positive high school experience. *
Describe a negative experience in high school. *
What do you like to do when you are not at school or work? *
What else would you like us to know about you? *
How did you learn about D. C. Oakes? *
What do you think you can contribute to our program? *
Why do you want a high school diploma? *
What do you hope to do after you graduate from high school? *
In a short paragraph, explain why coming to D. C. Oakes will allow you to be successful with attaining your life goals. *
Type your first and last name here as your signature.  Your signature indicates that all of the information you have provided in this packet is correct and was completed by you. Any misleading or false information on this form will result in immediate removal from the D. C. Oakes waiting list, and/or immediate dismissal from D. C. Oakes. *
On the NEXT SCHOOL day after you submit your application, please call D.C. Oakes (303-387-0650) to verify that your application has been received and to schedule your virtual interview (DUE TO COVID-19, TESTING IS CURRENTLY WAIVED).
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