Teacher of the Year Nominations (TOY)
Oregon SHAPE wants to honor excellence in our profession. We are now accepting nominations for Teacher of the Year in multiple disciplines within our professional scope. Professionals may be nominated by themselves or other professionals.

This form is an initial screening to ensure that a nomination meets the basic criteria for TOY acceptance. Oregon SHAPE will then work with the nominee to ensure that other additional criteria are met and documented. It is Oregon SHAPE's intent to prepare all nominees to participate in a nomination track that will make a nominee eligible for District and National Recognition within SHAPE America, our associate organization.

TOY applicants, if awarded the Oregon Teacher of the Year, will be entered in the pool for Western District TOY nominations. If a TOY is awarded the Western District Teacher of the Year, the nominee will then be entered into the National Teacher of the Year pool.

We have many excellent professionals in the state of Oregon and would like to recognize those professionals for their contribution to our area of academia. Those who obtain a State Award will be recognized at the State Conference on October 11th & 12th before the State Assembly.

Please Note: Current State, Regional or National Board of Directors members, Executive Committee members and former national Teachers of the Year are not eligible to apply for these awards.


September 15th- District Submissions Due
December 21st- National Submissions Due
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Not required at time of nomination, but will be required for award.
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Not required at time of nomination but required for Western & National District Award track.
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Educator must have a minimum of 5 years in teaching to be eligible.
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Those with FTE between 0.7 and 1.0 FTE please contact Oregon SHAPE directly for additional information.
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Teaching duties are 50% or more in the following subject areas; Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education, Health Education or Dance Education
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Adapted Physical Education nominees must either be a certified adapted physical educator or willing to sit for certification exam or demonstrate equivalent educational requirement at National Level.
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