Call For Proposals - COSCUP Special Track at Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2019 (HKOSCon 2019)
Hi, friends who cares about Open Source and COSCUP, we are pleased to announced that COSCUP has a special track at HKOSCon 2019, and we are going to take you to HKOSCon this year, PLUS a travel grant which covers your flight and accommodation.

This CFP is for "COSCUP special track" only, the applicant **must** has Taiwan R.O.C. passport. If you are interested in join this event but has no Taiwanese passport, please submit from HKONCon at , or find more details on .

Session Length: 30 mins

CFP Submission Deadline: 25 February 2019
Vetting Result Notification: before/on 11 March 2019
Tentative Program Publish Date: 25 March 2019
Tentative Conference Date: 14-15 June 2019 (Fri-Sat)
Remarks: More CFP session slots are available on Saturday rather than Friday.
Conference Website:
Enquiry Email:

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Location is where your current live, such as "Kaohsiung“, "Penghu“, "Fukuoka“, "Singapore"...etc. Please notice that this CFP is for "COSCUP special track" only, the applicant **must** has Taiwan R.O.C. passport.
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Talk is the format which a speaker presenting to audiences (mainly listen) in a session. Workshop is the format which a speaker teach on a topic which audiences can follow to do on their laptops at the same time (interactive) in a session. Development Sprint is a small group which few participants works on their own work (coding/making creation/writing document) related to the topic/project of the session which the host can provide technical advice and assistance.
Language *
English is the most popular presentation language at HKOSCon. Cantonese and Mandarin are also welcome. For non-English presentation (including Cantonese, Mandarin), we will consider to arrange volunteer translation.
Target Audience *
Target Audience of your presentation content. Power Users means computer users with lack of coding experience. General User means end users with lack of system admin technical skills.
Level *
Beginner level means it is introductory session. Intermediate level means it is a session for audiences with basic knowledge to the topic. Advanced level means it is a sessions for audiences with advanced knowledge to the topic.
Audience Requirements
What should audience learn / bring before attending your session ? Eg. They should learn basic python programming.
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Expected size of audiences
For workshop and other non-Talk activities, please specify expected size of audiences (no. of people)
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Buzzwords will help people to easily understand what is your topic about.
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Any remarks which can help our program vetting committee to consider your proposals.
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