National Events Survey
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1. Have you run an All Age Stake in the last 2 years?
2. Have you run in a National Event in the last 2 years?
3. Was your dog handled by someone else in a National Event in the last 2 years?
4. Have you judged 5 All Age Events in the last 5 years?
5. Have you judged a National Event?
If yes, what year(s)?
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6. Would you volunteer your services at a National Event?
7. Would you judge a National?
National Format
1. Should we continue to hold a separate National and National Amateur Events?
2. Would you support combining the two National events into one Pro/Am type of event?
(A Pro/Am format has yet to be finalized but may have the following results. • If an amateur handler won, then both National Champion and National Amateur Champion titles would be awarded to that dog. • If a professional hander won then that dog would be awarded the National Champion title and the best Amateur that completes the 10th series, would be awarded the National Amateur Champion title.)
3. If no host club is available, should the National Event be cancelled?
4. If 3 judges cannot be found, should the National Event be cancelled?
5. Should the qualification standards to enter a National Event be lowered?
6. What month would you like the following events to occur?
National Amateur
Combined Pro/Am
1. Are you interested in participating in the Sponsorship Program?
2. Do you have any suggestions to enhance the Sponsorship Program?
1. Currently the NRCC consists of 4 Zones; Western, Central, Southern Ontario and Eastern. Would you support?
2. Should the NRCC charge $5 for each dog entered in an All Age Stake to support National Events?
(In 2016 there were approximately 1800 All Age entries in Canada)
Hosting a national
1. Are there adequate National quality trial grounds in your area to host a National?
2. Some traditions at a National are an expense to the host club. In order to reduce the cost of hosting a National, would you support host clubs eliminating some traditions?
3. What incentives can be offered to attract host clubs?
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