ARA Peer Facilitator Application
Thank you for your interest! Please take a few minutes to thoughtfully answer the questions below. We will accept applications through Tuesday, April 2nd.

As a reminder, the responsibilities include:

> Bringing creativity and passion to the development of events that help students connect with each other and build a greater sense of community on campus

> Utilizing organizational and leadership skills to help implement full-day campus events, as well as, a series of smaller, weekly events geared towards different student groups

> Committing to 5-8 hours per week throughout both the fall and spring semesters
a full-day of team building and planning before the semester

> 2-hour team meeting each week. Currently Wednesdays from 1-3 pm

> weekly afternoon and/or evening activities with different student groups

> 3-4 all day events during each semester

> Having a flexible schedule, being energetic, and caring about your fellow students and university community, as these are very important for this role as well

> Get paid! You'll receive a small stipend each semester.

If you have additional questions or concerns, you can call C&PS at 619-594-5220 or email us at

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