Holyoke Student Designer Application
The Holyoke Student Designers (HSD) program will provide innovative educational and workforce development opportunities for Holyoke students ages 16-22.

- Students who are accepted into HSD will be receive an annual maker membership to the Print Shop and a materials budget to complete projects. This cycle is limited to 3-5 students (including groups), so early application is encouraged.

- Students will be introduced to potential creative career paths in design, technology, and digital arts. Over the course of the program, students will learn skills that can be applied to future employment.

Print Shop Inc. is a member-based makerspace and classroom that provides access to shared printers, space, tools, computers, design software. - located at 62 Main Street in Holyoke, MA.

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As part of the program, students will work on self-driven projects with the support of Print Shop staff. Projects might include creating graphics or signage to enhance an area in the community, producing t-shirts to promote a student organization, or other projects. Students may participate individually or as part of a group. Check-ins between students and faculty will occur weekly to biweekly.
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