AFJH PE Dept. Survey
Please fill out the following survey after reading the VISION and PRINCIPLES OF VISION.

VISION: AFJH physical education is committed to provide students with the skills, competency, and enjoyment that will encourage them to develop and maintain a lifelong interest and involvement in physical activity.

1. Understanding of basic components and benefits of physical fitness.
2. Application of systematic and realistic assessment of progress including self-assessment.
3. Involvement of student's social network in physically active lifestyles outside of school setting.
4. Responsiveness to safety and welfare of all students.
5. Curriculum contributes to self-esteem, responsible behavior, creative expression, group cooperation.
6. Environment provides for social growth and increased emotional maturity.

How would you describe your previous PE experiences?
My PE instructor is committed to providing me with the skills and competency to be able to participate in a variety of physical activities.
Please answer the next 8 questions as they pertain to Evidence of Principles being taught in the begining paragraph. Use the scale below.
I have enjoyed my PE class experience.
I understand the basic components of physical fitness and appreciate the benefits of maintiaing or improving them.
I feel my PE grade was a fair assessment of my participation and effort in the class.
I have expanded my physical activities outside of school as a result of my PE experience
My PE class enviornment was one where safety and welfare of all students was a priority.
My PE class environment was one where self-esteem, responsible behavior, creative expression, and group cooperation were promoted and encouraged.
My PE class envrionment contributed to my own social growth and emotional maturity.
What is your current class?
What is your gender?
What is your grade level?
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