New free web app to improve English pronunciation
The EP3 Foundation and James Salsman are offering a free web application service for English learners of all ages everywhere, providing online interactive intelligibility remediation, a new technique overcoming a bug introduced thirty years ago and still present in all major pronunciation assessment software. Commercial language instruction apps like Rosetta Stone and Pearson products are fine for learning vocabulary and grammar, but they suffer from about 80% false negative rates and overall accuracies little better than a coin flip when assessing pronunciation quality. Our new intelligibility remediation system, based in part on a method invented in 2011 by Professor Seiichi Nakagawa and his students in Japan -- and only available commercially from a single vendor in China -- fixes the longstanding bug, allowing efficient, adaptive, motivationally scaffolded pronunciation instruction using natural speech feedback to improve authentic intelligibility, without requiring any software downloads or installation. See a 45 second demonstration here:

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See also: Guo, Srivastava, and Salsman (2017) "Spoken English Intelligibility Remediation with PocketSphinx Alignment and Feature Extraction Improves Substantially over the State of the Art," in the Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE Advanced Information Management, Communication, Electronic and Automation Control Conference (IMCEC, Xian, China)

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