Parent Survey - Lower School
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We have had children at JPG for ____ years.
Lower School Assessment
Strongly Disagree
Mixed Feelings
Strongly Agree
My child has a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ and an appreciation of his/her faith.
JPG is effective in recognizing good behavior (virtues) and enforcing rules through at school consequences, conduct grades, and communication home to parents.
JPG’s campus is clean and well maintained.
JPG teachers are great role models to my child.
JPG teachers exude a love of their subject matter and are effective in instilling a passion for learning in the students.
I receive phone calls, emails, or notes about my child and feel informed about his/her learning.
I see JPG’s charisms of truth (veritas), faith (fides), and virtue (virtus) being manifested in my child .
I understand and can articulate the difference between the classical method of education and the more modern educational model or the methods used to meet the Common Core standards.
The smaller class sizes are important and worth the added costs.
JPG effectively teaches public speaking and rhetoric.
JPG is effective at instilling a joy of learning and sense of wonder in my child.
JPG teaches students how to be friendly, personable, other-centered, and to engage easily in conversation with others.
JPG effectively teaches writing, history, literature, and theology.
JPG effectively teaches math and science.
JPG gives appropriate emphasis to foreign language, art, drama, and choir.
JPG gives appropriate emphasis to physical education and athletics.
The Headmaster has a welcoming and approachable demeanor.
The Headmaster is effective in communicating his message to the JPG community.
The Headmaster is an effective and inspiring leader.
I am at JPG because of it being authentically Catholic.
I am at JPG because I believe a Classical method of learning better prepares my child for the future.
I want my child to appreciate the founding Constitutional principles of the United States of America.
I believe JPG affords my child the best opportunity to hear God’s will in discerning his/her future.
The community of families that make up JPG is one of its best assets.
I feel my family is stronger because my child attends John Paul the Great and we are a part of that community.
What do you feel is working well at JPG?
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What areas do you feel need improvement at JPG?
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What are the three (3) main reasons that you would recommend JPG to other parents?
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What are the three (3) main reasons that you would not recommend JPG to other parents?
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