Family Engagement 2018-2019
Please answer the questions below about your child's school to the best of your ability.
My child attends: *
This year I volunteered at my child's school....... *
I was a member of the PTO at my child's school. *
How many PTO meetings did you attend during the 18-19 school year? *
I am an active participant in my child's learning at home and at school. *
I know how the local school and district operate and how to raise concerns or questions. *
I understand my rights and responsibilities under federal and state law. *
When I walk into the building at my child's school I feel welcomed and like I belong. *
Do the school's policies and programs reflect, respect, and value the diversity of the families in the community? *
I feel informed about important issues and events at my child's school. *
My child's school makes it easy to communicate with teachers. *
I know and understand how well my child is succeeding in school. *
I am prepared to monitor my child's progress and guide them toward their goals through high school graduation, postsecondary education, and a career. *
I feel as if I am a full partner in making decisions that affect my child at school and in the community. *
Do parent and school leaders work closely with community organizations to strengthen the school, make resources available to students, school staff, and families and build a family-friendly community? *
What is the school's greatest strength?
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What is the school's greatest weakness?
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