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Thank you for your support! The current wait time for a pack is 10 months. (last updated Aug10, 2021)
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Every pack starts with a basic, feature-less pack. This form guides you through custom features so you can build your custom pack exactly how you want. The 3 packs shown in the video below are examples of 3 different packs you could end up with depending on what features you select.
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Intro video
To start, please choose 33 or 43 Litre pack. Please see below vid for further explanation of volume. This volume is for the base pack and does not include any pockets or lids that can be added later. If you add Selkirk shovel pocket, a lid, Monashee pocket, they'll add a 'few litres' to the volume. For example, if you choose 33 litre here then add the Monashee feature you'll end up with a ~40 litre pack. If you want a Monashee feature, you need to select 33 volume now as that's the only size the Monashee comes in. *
volume demo video
Colour choice. Please pick one. *
Back Length. Please measure as per the video and provide your length. *
How to measure back length
Side avalanche pockets: These hold shovel handle, probe and saw. It's ideal to have them on both sides so that all 3 items aren't crammed into one pocket. However, if you want a side access zip (next feature) then you can only have one side avi pocket. Adds $30 per pocket. *
Side access Zipper? Large #10 guage YKK water-resistant zipper to get into the main compartment of your pack. Adds $40. Remember, this feature isn't possible if you got 2 side avi pockets. *
Side compression straps. Choose between none, standard 3/4 inch webbing compression straps or clean/light micro webbing loops for *your* ski straps to go through. Please note that if you got a side access zip, and you want compression straps I"ll only put 2 straps (instead of 3) over the zipper - easier to open. There are so many combinations here, please just write what you want: 3/side on both sides, 2/side, micro loops on both sides, none whatsoever...up to you. *
Shovel blade/skins pocket. This is the main feature that separates the packs from either RockiesRolltop vs Selkirk vs Monashee. *
shovel/skins pocket vid
Top closure: Draw cuff Vs rolltop. Drawcuff is quicker to operate, but leaves a slight hole when 'closed'. Rolltop is bit slower to close up, but fully seals the pack. This is only a choice for those getting a Selkirk Lid (next option). Monashee and no lid folks must go for the rolltop. *
rolltop vs drawcuff vid
Selkirk Lid. This is a 2 pocket, height adjustable and removable lid that adds ~3litres. If you selected Monashee option earlier, then you have your lid sorted already. (Monashee lid details are shown in this vid) *
vid 'bout lids yo
Dual internal pockets. One larger one (fits goggles, radio, Etc) against back and a small one on the dorsal side that's smaller (GPS, lipbalm, ski scraper, ETc). If you have either a Selkirk or Monashee lid I feel these pockets are not needed. If you're just getting a Rockies Rolltop closure without a lid than I would highly recommend getting these internal pockets. *
internal pocket video
Hip belt pockets and Ice Clipper. Pockets have deep bellows that fit most phones, ski scraper, lip balm Etc. I started using the ice clipper on my pack for fast transitions with my Phantom Split board bindings and fell in love. I now use the ice clipper(Black Diamond) on all my personal packs for quick attaching of ski crampons, gloves, probe, split bindings, Etc. Pockets are $45 each. Ice clipper & webbing to hold it is $25. Please write what you want: no pockets, 2 pockets, one pocket on L side and ice clipper on R side...ETc. *
Hip belt pockets / ice clipper video
Daisy Chain/ice axe holders/diagonal ski/split carry. Dual webbing daisy chains. This DC comes with 2 ice axe holders (blue cord and top velcro straps) and diagonal ski/split carry (gold cord). If you have a Selkirk Lid, then the top of your skis/split are held in place with the lid/pack straps. If you have a Monashee pocket/lid or no lid, then it comes with micro loops at the top where you thread your Ski strap through to secure the top of the skis. This Daisy Chain is needed if you want a helmet carry system (next feature). If you got a Selkirk Lid, then this daisy chain is mandatory. *
daisy chain, diagonal ski/split carry, ice ax holder vid
Helmet Carry System. There are 3 options: 1) nothing, just put your helmet inside your pack (this is what I personally do). 2) micro loops that you can clip your helmet to with your little toy carabiners. 3) helmet carry system shown in vid below. If you want the helmet carry system, then make sure you selected daisy chain option previously. *
Helmet carry option
Any additional comments? Sincerest thank you for your support!
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