Senior Media Buyer (Facebook+Google)
Salary: Rs. 30,000 - 50,000  Per Month
Experience: Minimum 2 year
Must Have managed at-least a lifetime ad spend of 75L on Facebook and 25L on Google.
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We have on-boarded a new client. This client is into Fitness Niche and wants to start and grow his YouTube channel. Currently he has Zero Subscribers but wants to hit 100K in 3 months. Please explain in detail your complete strategy for achieving this. Type of content, how much ad spend is required - everything. *
The cost of the acquisition of one of our clients is very inconsistent. Sometimes it's under our control and then sometimes it just shoots up. Source of Traffic is Facebook ads. How will you solve this issue? Explain in detail. *
What's your biggest success with Facebook ads? How much money did you spend? What was the ROI like? What were the main challenges you faced? Please explain how you were able to achieve the results you did. *
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