Interns Australia 2018 Survey
What is this survey about?

The following questions relate to unpaid internship experiences. The purpose of this survey is to understand the current internship landscape in Australia, and identify what Interns Australia can do to ensure internships remains fair, ethical and meaningful.

What is an unpaid internship?

An unpaid internship is on-the-job work experience that lasts anywhere from a few weeks to many months. It may be a requirement of your degree (but not required for you to qualify to work in the industry) or you may have decided to do the internship independently to build your skills or decide on your career path.

You do not receive an hourly wage or salary for this work, though you may receive some remuneration in the form of a stipend or gifts.

Does volunteering count?

Interning does not include volunteering. Volunteering is unpaid work that is performed with the primary purpose of benefiting someone else or benefiting a particular organisation (e.g. a club or charity), rather than the primary purpose being to gain experience or contacts that may improve your prospects of future employment.

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