Student Digital Technologies and ICT Agreement 2019
“The internet offers extensive knowledge, but it does not teach values; and when values are disregarded, our very humanity is demeaned...” - POPE JOHN PAUL II

At Corpus Christi Catholic School we aim to provide a high quality, student-centred education. In order to further enhance our capacity to provide 21st century learning opportunities for our students, we provide a platform of opportunities for learning with digital technologies and information and communication technology (ICT).

Digital Technology and ICT are used as learning tools to support greater ability of our students to create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively in all learning areas at school. At Corpus Christi Catholic School we are proactive in educating students to be responsible and safe Digital Technology and ICT users within a culture that is in keeping with our core values and with legislative and professional obligations. For further information we encourage all parents to visit

The School’s network is monitored using software to restrict access to certain sites and data. While every reasonable effort is made to prevent students’ exposure to inappropriate content when using online services at school, it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of such exposure. As part of this approach students are taught what to do in the unlikely event they discover something online that is not appropriate.

The Student Digital Technologies and ICT Agreement forms are issued to all Prep to Grade 6 families as a Google Form this year instead of the traditional hard copy. These are issued to all students annually and must be signed by the child (Grade 3-6) and parent to enable use of the School’s Digital Technologies and ICT. The Agreement includes information about expectations and responsibilities for using Digital Technologies and ICT. Breaches of this Agreement will be followed in line with the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SW-PBS) Behaviour Consequence Chart (refer ).

Please read and discuss the following guidelines for Digital Technology and ICT use with your child.
Care and Responsibility
1. Students will use all technologies (computers, cameras, iPads, etc) with care.
2. Students may not add, modify or delete files, applications or system preferences on school equipment unless directed to do so by a staff member.
3. Students who intentionally damage school ICT equipment may be responsible for its repair or replacement in line with SW-PBS Consequences.
4. Students will not transfer copyrighted materials from a website and present it as their own material without referencing. This is known as plagiarism.

Internet Usage
1. Students will follow staff instruction regarding use of the Internet.
2. If a student accidentally accesses inappropriate content, they should close the browser without drawing unnecessary attention and inform the staff immediately.
3. Students will not download, upload, send, or import content that is not for school purposes.

1. Students may not take photographs, videos or audio-recordings of others without their expressed permission, and may not share these without permission.
2. Students will not share passwords or personal information in person or online.

1. Students will be respectful when communicating using ICT and will not communicate with others with intent to harm.

Social Networking
1. Students will not access social networking sites or chat rooms unless given permission by teachers/teacher aides to do so. This will only occur for specific, designated class/group purposes, eg, Online Extension Programs, etc.

Please submit the Student Digital Technologies Agreement Google Form before Wednesday 13th February. Please note
that while all parents are required to sign for their child, only Grade 3-6 students are asked to sign as well. All students spend time with their Teacher at the start of the year discussing these responsibilities.

We thank families for taking the time to respond. Students will be unable to access Digital Technologies and ICT at Corpus Christi Catholic School in 2019 unless the Student Digital Technologies and ICT Google Form has been signed.

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I understand and will follow the guidelines for the care and appropriate use of all Digital Technologies and ICT at Corpus Christi Catholic School.
I understand that access to all digital technologies is a privilege and are to be used for education purposes, innovation and creativity. Inappropriate use will results in loss of that privilege.
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