GLA West 2018-2019 Parent Survey
Global Leadership Academy Charter School (GLA) is a holistic teaching and learning environment that is committed to continual improvement. Our goal is to provide a solid educational program through global studies and leadership in an effort to develop future leaders of the world. Your feedback is very valuable to us. Please complete the parent survey below to let us know how we can better serve you!
1. My child feels safe at school. *
2. The teachers at GLA make their lessons relevant to my child's culture and background. *
3. I am well-informed about how my child is doing in school. *
4. I feel comfortable talking with my child's teachers. *
5. Parents are actively involved with the school. *
6. Parents are involved in making important school decisions. *
7. I am proud that my child attends GLA. *
8. I am satisfied with the extracurricular activities at the school. *
9. I am satisfied with the length of the school day. *
10. I believe GLA's single-gender initiative is providing an ideal learning and social environment for my scholar. *
11. GLA's year-round calendar is having a positive impact on my scholar's learning. *
12. GLA's academies (small-learning communities) have a positive impact on my scholar's sense of belonging at the school. *
13. I am satisfied with the Vetri (family-style dining) lunch program at GLA. *
14. Please explain your rating for the previous question. *
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15. I would recommend GLA to other families. *
16. GLA has a positive impact on my child's academic performance. *
17. The teachers and staff at GLA follow through on commitments. *
18. The Special Services department is meeting the needs of its scholars. *
19. The teachers at this school are excellent. *
20. Teachers at GLA work to build strong relationships with my child. *
21. Teachers at GLA set high standards for scholars. *
22. The school communicates with families openly and respectfully. *
23. GLA keeps its best teachers and staff. *
24. Teachers assign high-quality homework that reinforces my child's learning. *
25. Consequences at GLA are fair and consistent. *
26. Overall, I am satisfied with GLA. *
27. Having report card conferences on Saturday is convenient for me. *
28. We value your feedback. Do you have any ideas or suggestions our school should consider implementing for future school-wide initiatives?
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29. In what ways can we improve to better meet the needs of your scholar/family?
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30. Do you believe GLA should have a high school? Why or why not?
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