PgPyDay Talk Proposals
Do you use Postgres for interesting things? Do you develop nifty
applications in Python? Do you use them together? Then submit a talk
for PyPgDay!

PyPgDay will be held on March 13th at the Santa Clara Convention Center,
the first day of PyCon. We are specifically looking for talks about:
* General PostgreSQL administration and performance
* PostgreSQL replication
* Developing applications with Postgres and Python
* PostgreSQL administration tools written in Python
* PL/Python
* Data-intensive Django/Pylons/SQLAlchemy/etc. applications
* PostGIS and GeoDjango
* New Postgres features, like JSON, Range Types and PL/v8

Talks will be 45 minutes in length, and should be pitched to a mixed
audience of Python developers and Postgres DBAs. There will also be 7
lightning talks, each 5 minutes long.

Submissions are due by January 20. Talks will be chosen by February 10.

More information about PyPgDay here:
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