Caretailors research - service providers
This survey will help inform how Caretailors supports people providing services to those experiencing dying, death and bereavement. If you offer services to others too, please keep your palliative clients in mind when responding.
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Your name
Business name
What do you call yourself (your job) and the services you provide?
What are the best parts of your job?
What are the biggest challenges in your type of work?
Who are the people needing your services?
What do you call the people you help - customers, clients, patients etc?
Roughly what percentage are coming to terms with the end of their/ a loved one's life?
Where do you work with them? eg. your home/ clinic, their home, hospital, hospice etc.
How do new clients find you?
Who refers new clients to you?
Would you like to work more hours servicing this type of customer?
What is currently limiting the amount of palliative work you have? eg. customer knowledge of the benefits, customer budgets, your visibility etc.
Do you know how many others are offering the same services as you (Optional: please mention who)?
What other different types of support services are your clients seeking? (Optional: please mention the service providers who offer them)
I would like to refer to the the very broad range of non-medical services related to dying, death and bereavement (including yours) as ‘supportive services’ - how does that sit with you?
Clear selection
Please select which tools you use to market your business:
Would you like to have any of those (if you don’t already)? If so, what is stopping you?
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! My dream for Caretailors is to better connect specialised service providers like you with people near the end of their lives (and their loved ones). I’m going to work through this feedback to fine tune how I think I can assist. My goal is to support service providers who make death better by (please check the boxes if these are important to you):  
1. Bringing together a community of professional service providers interested in improving dying and death in a holistic way should involve (please check boxes you think are important/ would possibly participate in):
2. Raising awareness of the services and products that can help the dying and bereaved should involve:
3. Building a directory of service providers who can help achieve a better death should involve:
I hope you are interested and would like to hear about further developments, and some good news stories! Can I subscribe you to the monthly Caretailors newsletter (opt out anytime)? *
I have started building the directory, and I'm currently inviting early supporters to list free of charge / no obligation for 3 months. Would you be willing to be listed in the Caretailors directory? *
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