Anonymous Welfare Form
This form is to be filled out if you have any concerns or issues within or outside of the club. Having connections to the club means we endeavour to help you in any way we can, with personal issues or inner club complaints.

The Welfare Officer's role is to support and guide you towards a more enjoyable uni experience, and also help in any disputes or problems between club members.
Only the Welfare Officer of UWSWP can access this form. Therefore, all information shared will be treated with discretion and care.

Any issues raised in this form that could help improve the welfare system within our club will be considered carefully.

This form is anonymous, however, if you would wish to discuss anything further in person with the Welfare Officer, their contact information is as follows.

Message me on Facebook - Jemima Walsh
Or email me -
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Does anyone else know about this issue?
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Have you been seeking help from anyone else?
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Do you wish to make a formal complaint?
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