Thanks for taking our Gig Pay Rates survey!
To help us gain the most accurate data as possible, this survey is divided into:
Three Booking Categories
Three Skills Tiers
Two Service Levels
and Ambient/Roving vs Acts/Performances
Because each one of these elements affect pricing, and we're trying to compare apples to apples!
This is ALL for one-off event and gig work. Contract work and multiple night or week shows will have a different pay scale and throw these numbers off. Maybe someday we'll do a survey for those rates too!
The three Booking Categories are:
1. Rates paid to performers by entertainment companies or agencies that handle booking
2. Rates that performers charge to clients or event planners when handling their own booking
3. Rates that companies or agencies charge to clients when booking performers
The three Skills Tiers are:
1. Ground Characters, Living Statues, Dancers, Burlesque
2. Stilts, Fire, Unicycle, Object Manipulation
3. Acrobat, Handbalancing, Contortion, Aerial Arts, Trampoline
*If you don't see your skill included, please use the tier that you feel is relevant, and leave us a note in the final comments
The two Service Levels are:
1. CASUAL events: Parades, Fairs & Festivals, Nightclubs, Community Gatherings, Educational & School events, Casual weddings, Family events

2. FORMAL events: Casinos, Corporate Events, Marketing Events, Fundraising Galas, High-end weddings or social events, Celebrity Private parties
Ambient/Roving vs Acts/Performances:
1. Ambient/Roving: We are looking for rates for one 'set'. A set will vary from person to person and skill to skill, but we are assuming on 'set' to be between 10min - 60 min

2. Acts/Performance: We are looking for rates for one 'act'. Act length will vary from person to person and skill to skill, but we are assuming on 'act' to be between 5min - 10min
Please only answer for Booking Categories, Service Levels and Skills you provide, and skip sections that you don't work in. We are looking for actual rates, not your guess of what the rate should be.
Also, we are looking for just the performer pay. Please DON'T include rigging fees, prop fees, or assistant/safety person fees etc.

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